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Published on 11/12/2023

WINGS ICT Solutions has successfully participated in SWITCHMED B2B Innovative Technologies, ‘Blue Economy Pilot – Sustainable Aquaculture Tynisia’ on 5th, December 2023 in Tunis.

Our Aquaculture Solutions Expert, Dr. Alexis Glaropoulos pitched AQUAWINGS to an extended local and international audience, while had the opportunity to meet and develop business relationships and promote WINGS innovative technologies to the Tunisian aquaculture community.

AQUAWINGS utilizes dedicated hardware and advanced AI Algorithms aiming to Optimized Production and sustainability for Aquaculture sites.
In that way, AQUAWINGS assists on main aquaculture challenges:
1. Real time, remote, automate and accurate weight estimation and distribution (currently patent-pending) through our video analytics algorithms
2. Real time monitor of Environmental variables, directly related to fish welfare
3. Feeding Optimization 
4. Overall Farm Management and main KPI’s report
5. Real time monitor and analysis of fish bejavioural patterns (fish mobility)

Thanks to Antonino Trimarchi and Benoit Wuatelet for collaboration and hospitality during this insightful event!


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