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Published on 05/12/2023

At WINGS, our dedication lies in advocating for sustainable practices and eco-friendly products to minimize our environmental footprint. Recognizing the significance of safeguarding our planet, we take pride in offering products that contribute to resource conservation and promote a healthier Earth.

Introducing AGNES, our groundbreaking suite of tools designed to cover every aspect of the agricultural journey, from production to logistics, with a keen focus on food safety.

Here’s how AGNES is cultivating a future where our soil is not just a foundation but a thriving ecosystem:

  •  Sustainable Irrigation Practices: AGNES harnesses real-time data from diverse sensors, including soil sensors, and deploys AI-powered algorithms. This synergy empowers farmers to optimize irrigation practices, striking a delicate balance between water conservation and fostering optimal plant growth. 
  •  Soil-Centric Livestock Monitoring: AGNES goes beyond traditional farming boundaries. Real-time monitoring extends to livestock facilities, ensuring that the soil supporting these operations remains healthy and resilient. By prioritizing the well-being of the soil, we contribute to a holistic approach to sustainable agriculture.
  • End-to-End Soil Integrity in Food Safety: AGNES devices are instrumental in real-time inspections, bolstered by blockchain technology. This integration ensures the end-to-end trustworthiness of our agricultural system, guaranteeing that the food produced is not only safe for consumption but also cultivated with the utmost respect for the soil it originates from.
  • A predictive tool that delves into the intricate relationships between soil biodiversity, multifunctionality, and overall well-being. This tool serves as our commitment to guiding stakeholders in embracing sustainable soil management practices, fostering a future where our soil flourishes.

AGNES includes also WINGSFarm, our software program tailor made for farmers, that leads to reduced expenses, increased yields, better yield quality, higher profitability and lower operational risk. Our focus is on streamlining agricultural processes using cutting-edge digital tools. From optimizing soil sampling data, farming operations, and nutrient application to managing irrigation, water consumption, and plant protection products, we aim to maximize efficiency. Additionally, we prioritize monitoring, analyzing, and enhancing environmental impact through maintaining nutrient balance, reducing carbon footprint, and complying with legal standards, all contributing to a greener, more sustainable future. 

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