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Published on 04/06/2023

WINGS develops solutions for vertical sectors, by contributing to the development of advanced technologies, which will be part of the 6th generation of wireless infrastructures, 6G / B5G.

Join us in the leading conference on wireless infrastructure and respective services, which will be held this year in Gothenburg, Sweden, 6-9 June 2023.

WINGS will be holding more than five (5) demonstrations of innovative applications for manufacturing, transportation infrastructure management, health, public safety at the booths of @Hexa_X_2020, @DEDICAT6G, @h2020daemon, @5gVital, @5g_era, @trialsnet.

We will be showing business value creation, while addressing social demands: resilience, inclusion, trust, sustainability.

Our experts will explain the pivotal role that advanced technologies will play: flexible networks delivering services beyond communications , intelligent orchestration of resources and functionality, 5G and 6G radios.

We are looking forward to our talks on devices and trust (@COREnext_EU), corridors and logistics (@5g_carmen, @_5GMobix), advanced technologies (@Hexa_X_2020), as well as to discussing and socializing with our colleagues from the @6G_SNS community.

Stay tuned for more. #6G 3B5G #sustainability #trust #resilience #inclusion #digitaltransformations #manufacturing #logistics #transportation #health #publissafety

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