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Published on 08/04/2024

Join us at #Interaigis 2024, https://www.interaigis.gr/, the International Exhibition of Civil Protection, Safety, Fire Safety & Special Equipment of Local Authorities, happening during 11-13/4/2024, in Peristeri Exhibition Centre

We will showcase AIRWINGSplus solution, an advanced smart fire monitoring system that forms an integral part of a city’s fire management strategy.

AIRWINGSplus is a comprehensive technology solution, which combines Internet of Things (IoT), cellular connectivity and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the live monitoring, measurement, and management of wildfires.

More specifically it offers:
-Live monitoring and protection of forests – Preventing Megafires.
-Wildfire early warning based on heterogeneous information.
-Alerting of Fire Service (fire extinguishing can be carried out timely).
-Air quality, Smoke, Sun radiation, Cameras, Meteorological, UVA & UVB,
Rain Gauge, Solar Irradiance, Wind Speed/Direction sensors.
-Aerial Surveying via state-of-the-art drones.
-Capabilities for ingesting satellite data.
-Wildfire degree of danger rating at micro-scale (scale at the range of 1 km).
-Fire impact monitoring and progress of restoration.

Don’t miss the chance to visit our booth 122, and learn more about how AIRWINGSplus is revolutionizing wildfire prevention and response.
See you there! #Interaigis2024 #AIRWINGSplus #FireSafetyTech

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