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Published on 07/02/2023

WINGS ICT SOLUTIONS participated in a three-day plenary meeting of the new EU project #TrialsNet hosted by Ericsson at the Erzelli Great Campus in Genova.

Industry and academic experts gathered to lay the foundation for a project aimed at conducting full-scale trials in the next three years, based on B5G / 6G, validating applications of extended reality, cobots, metaverse, massive twinning, and the internet of senses across three domains: eHealth & Emergency; Infrastructure, Transportation, Security & Safety; and Culture, Tourism & Entertainment.

WINGS ICT SOLUTIONS will contribute in all verticals and will enhance the offerings delivered through its products:

•             WINGSPARK, the platform for Smart Management of Transportation / Mobility / Venues (transport infrastructure management, crowd management, advanced services in airports) and

•             STARLIT, the platform for digital health and wellness (triage and ambulance services).

Moreover, #TrialsNet will enable WINGS to solidify its knowhow and footprint in culture / education / tourism applications, towards the local market. WINGS will develop applications and technologies for the proactive management of infrastructures, 6G-enabled autonomous APRON (the area of an airport where aircraft are parked, unloaded or loaded, refueled, boarded, or maintained) operations, service robots for enhancing the passengers’ experience in airports, and MCI and Emergency Rescue solutions in case of emergencies.

Thirteen use cases will be developed across four geographical clusters in Italy, Spain, Greece, and Romania.

The project aims to gain a deeper understanding of the requirements for next-generation 6G networks and will use technical assessment frameworks and KPIs to provide insight into the early adoption of 6G solutions with a focus on sustainability and affordability.

Stay tuned for news and results!

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