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Published on 08/02/2023

WINGS ICT SOLUTIONS participated in the kickoff meeting of the new EU #CONFIDENTIAL6G project, which was hosted by the IMDEA Software Institute, in Madrid, on the 30th and 31st of January 2023.

The #CONFIDENTIAL6G projects aims at ensuring reliability, trust and resilience for 6G infrastructures that integrated emerging AI tools, new hardware components and accelerators, compute and networking functions, IoT and edge nodes. CONFIDENTIAL6G emphasizes on privacy preservation and security of sensitive data by focusing on protection of data:

  • In use.
  • In transit.
  • At the Edge.

#CONFIDENTIAL6G will base its research on 3 pillars: Post-quantum cryptography, Confidential Computing and Confidential Communications Networking. The project will test and validate the developed solutions in three use cases:

1) Predictive maintenance for airline consortium

2) mitigation of internal threats for telecom cloud providers and

3) Intelligent connected vehicle for mission-critical services and OTA updates

WINGS is the Project Coordinator. WINGS also contributes to the technical work in the areas of Confidential Multi-party AI/ML, Secure Decentralized Data Sharing, Federated AI/ML, and to the implementation of proof of concept for airlines predictive maintenance and intelligent connected vehicles. In this respect, #CONFIDENTIAL6G will enable WINGS to expand and mature its knowhow in most important technical areas, with first applications in the transportation and mobility products (WINGSPARK and WINGSChariot).

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