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Published on 13/05/2024

WINGS ICT Solutions successfully participated in the 12th Health Forum: “Health and Local Government”

The connection between Local Government and Health was highlighted at the relevant conference organized last Friday afternoon, May the 10th, at the “My Way” hotel as part of the 12th Health Forum . The event was organized by the Medical Association of Patras, the Region of Western Greece , the Panhellenic Association of Physiotherapists, Per. of Achaia and Ilia and the Health and Environment Protection Association K.Y. Chalandritsa.

Our product manager in the Health sector Nikos Kastrinios referred to the good practices of our company and in particular #STARLIT, the platform that enables the provision of services with vital sign measurements in real time. #STARLIT features high-tech smart devices which include panic button usage, geolocation and fall detection.

STARLIT is a cloud-based platform powered by AI/ML, IoT and advanced wireless networks (including 5G), secure and compliant with legacy regulations (e.g., GDPR), with the following key features:
1. Facilitating the remote monitoring of patients and evaluation of their health condition regarding cardiovascular, neurological, and respiratory conditions amongst others.
2. Assessing the well-being of beneficiaries under normal circumstances and promptly identifying critical situations, such as accidental falls.

Watch the full video of the event at:


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