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Published on 17/02/2023

AQUAWINGS – Solution for sustainable, environment-friendly, and optimized aquaculture.

WINGS ICT SOLUTIONS participated in a three-day General Assembly meeting of the hosted in Malaga. The project now enters its final year, with the ambition to integrate its finding in a cross-pillar assessment framework, based on five aspects: technology, regulation, economic, social, and, of course, environmental. Several sessions set the path for the #OceanMultiUse Blueprint & Roadmap, guided by insights from 5 demo pilots.

WINGS ICT SOLUTIONS participates with its AQUAWINGS platform, which is made available to project sites, and is deployed to ensure:  

• best multi-use of aquaculture and tourist activities.

• minimization of environmental impact through advanced monitoring of environmental parameters responsible for the farm’s productivity and sustainability.

Stay tuned for more !

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