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Published on 18/04/2024

We are proud to announce WINGS ICT Solutions’s participation in the 1st Hellenic Water Forum organized by BOUSSIAS publications.

Scheduled for tomorrow,  the event will bring together progressive water enterprises, regulatory bodies, engineering firms, technology giants, investors, and visionaries to address the decade’s most pressing challenges.

WINGS will showcase #ARTEMIS, the cutting-edge solution that leverages IoT, 5G & AI for
• Pumping station management
• Faulty meters
• Floods
• Irrigation
• Water quality
• Revenue water maximization

Our solutions for proactive management of water utility networks (ARTEMIS) and digital twins for water infrastructures hashtag#diTTo), offer a multitude of benefits:

• Enable loss minimization through the prevention of leaks and wastage, conserving a precious resource.
• Energy minimization, cost savings and environmental preservation.
• Optimized water use enhances overall system efficiency, ensuring that every drop serves its purpose effectively.
• Ultimately, embracing sustainable water practices fosters long-term environmental health and resilience, securing a brighter future for generations to come.

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