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Published on 09/06/2023

The past week has been incredibly exciting and productive for WINGS ICT Solutions !

We had the opportunity to participate in major international events that truly stood out among the numerous advancements we’ve made. Our participation in the #EuCNC & 6G Summit allowed us to showcase groundbreaking solutions that harness the power of 5G and will further leverage the advancements brought about by 6G. We highlighted the potential of resilient and trustworthy cooperative robots for different verticals, supported by advanced massive twinning, XR/VR features, as well as robot- and UAV-powered flexible coverage extension mechanisms. 

The demonstrations we presented at these events received significant attention across various domains. Diverse applications showcased in the context of EU’s flagship Hexa-X, as well as DEDICAT 6G, VITAL 5G, FOR-FREIGHT, DAEMON, TRIALSNET, 5G-ERA, ACROSS captivated the audience. These demonstrations showcased the immense possibilities in vertical domains such as Transport and Logistics, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Infrastructure management and e-Health.

We have more exciting news to share in the coming weeks of summer, so stay tuned for further updates from us. Follow us closely as we continue to push the boundaries of IoT, AI, 5G, 6G, digital transformation, sustainability, and growth. Together, let’s shape a future that embraces innovation and creates a positive impact. #IoT #AI #5G #6G #digitaltransformation #sustainability #trust #growth

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