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Published on 24/10/2023

WINGS ICT Solutions is honoured to have been awarded with a Gold prize, in the Manufacturing Excellence Awards event, for applications of WINGSChariot in the logistics and the food sectors.
WINGS has logistics and manufacturing (industry 4.0) as one of the strategic focus areas. WINGSChariot, one of the seven products developed by WINGS, constitutes our innovative solution for optimizing warehouses, for optimized and controlled goods transfer through the road infrastructure, for discrete and process industries. We leverage on IoT, robotics, 5G (and other advanced infrastructures), AI, XR.

Thanks to our partners DIAKINISIS S.A. and ATHENIAN BREWERY S.A. / ΑΘΗΝΑΪΚΗ ΖΥΘΟΠΟΙΙΑ Α.Ε. member of the Heineken group. Thanks to BOUSSIAS for the initiative, the excellent organization and the support of the Greek manufacturing and production industries.

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