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Published on 23/10/2023

WINGSChariot is the platform of WINGS ICT Solutions developed for logistics (originally) and industrial applications (industry 4.0 context). WINGS is in a constant quest for expanding the know-how and capabilities, in process and discrete manufacturing, through targeted projects. COCPIT is a project coordinated by IMT Atlantique, and it aims to produce #biofuels from lipid-rich #microalgae coupled with semi-transparent #photovoltaic panels, converting harmful light spectrum into electrical power. The project will improve the Sustainable Aviation Fuel (#SAF) production chain, while biocrude upgrading will allow for greater flexibility in SAF and shipping fuel production.
A key result of the project will be a decision-making tool, to enable end-users and biofuel producers to select the best technology for their specific needs. WINGS will contribute to this direction, leveraging on its WINGSChariot platform, which is already deployed and validated in real operational conditions for several verticals, leading to several variants of the main platform after customization with the specific user requirements. It will be adapted to the specific requirements of COCPIT and will be further enhanced with new functionality for digital twins (including support for prospective scenarios) and process optimization (for optimal pathways planning and operation), to provide decision support and robust process control for biorefinery design, simulation, TEA, LCA, s-LCA and profitability risk assessment under uncertainty.
Thanks to Julien PRUD’HOMME, Sary awad and to all the IMT Atlantique team for the exceptional organization and hospitality.

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