Smart Cities: New brochure documenting the WINGS ICT Solutions offering.

WINGS exploits advanced technologies to deliver digital solutions for air quality and civil / natural environment protection (AIRWINGS), utilities, i.e., energy / water / gas (ARTEMIS), transportation infrastructures and mobility (WINGSPARK), aquaculture (AQUAWINGS), agriculture (AGNES), logistics and industry 4.0 (WINGSChariot), health and wellness (STARLIT). By combining a selected subset of our solutions our partners realize […]

AGNES: Demonstrated how WINGS products and technologies can complement the vision towards a sustainable farm-to-fork context.

WINGS – AGNES Platform for agriculture and food safety, farm to fork approaches. AGNES is suite of tools developed for covering production (poultry, livestock, crops and grains and others), logistics, food safety in factories. Intensive work progresses through various streams. WINGS demonstrated novel technologies in the context of the midterm evaluation meeting of H2020 DiTECT […]