WINGS is participating BEYOND 2022

Always committed to the enhancement of Greece’s digital infrastructure and to the deployment of groundbreaking digital services, and with the strong belief that Greece can become a key hub for the development of advanced global services, we could not but be present to the BEYOND 2022. Join us to see how our products lead to intelligent […]

WINGS is sponsoring Andensco conference

We envisage the 2022-2023 time frame as a season for expanding WINGS activities commercially, in various parts of the world. We proudly co-sponsor and anticipate the Andesco conference :  “Interconexion : El futuro de los Servicios Públicos, TIC y TV “, on September 8 & 9 in Centro de Convenciones del Hotel Las Américas, Cartagena, […]

WINGS is participating in the 2nd Digital Beach Summit.

WINGS provides complete integrated, intelligent digital (software, hardware) solutions and transformation for vertical business sectors, based on advanced technologies. As a matter of fact, more than 20 solutions, which fall within the smart city / region realm (air / safety, energy / water, transport, health, and others), are currently offered to various municipalities. In this […]

Our sales director interview at INFOCOM magazine.

Read our sales director Lydia Tsiouka interview at INFOCOM, , highlighting the innovation of WINGS ICT Solutions, based on technologies such as IoT, 5G and artificial intelligence, for smart and sustainable cities, the environment and its protection, intelligence in water and energy infrastructure, the primary sector , Industry 4.0 but also digital health. Talks […]

Participation to the panel of the IEEE Meditcom 2022 conference.

WINGS – Advanced technologies for powering vertical transformation.Advanced technologies power the digital transformation of vertical sectors. The quest for advanced technologies is always in the objectives of WINGS. Looking forward to the panel on “Integrated Sensing and Communications for Industrial Applications”, which will take place on September 7, 2022, in the context of the IEEE […]

ARTEMIS: “Digital transformation of the water section, based on advance IoT, 5G, AI technologies”

WINGS – ARTEMIS – water, proactive management of water infrastructure and services. Our work on ARTEMIS water continues intensively. Novel features are included in the platform, regarding on metering, fault management (meters, and other elements), various performance optimizations (esp. irrigation), and water quality. Our technology development specialist, Panagiotis Demestichas will be delivering a speech on the digital transformation […]

WINGS is the Gold sponsor of the “12th Infocom mobile Connected” conference

Don’t miss tomorrow presentation of our Sales Director, Lydia Tsiouka, for the 5G Services and the role of 6G during the 12th Infocom mobile Connected conference. WINGS will present 5G-powered products and services for environment,  the manufacturing, logistics / transportation, aquaculture, digital health etc. WINGS leverages on 5G to advance its solutions for the environment (AIRWINGS), […]

WINGS participates in the IoT week conference, June 20-23, in Dublin

WINGS – ARTEMIS – proactive management of energy, water, gas utilities With great excitement we participate to the IoT week conference, June 20-23, in Dublin, Ireland. We are part of the Interconnect project booth (, in which we demonstrate AI algorithms for understanding energy demand, and for taking intelligence decisions, for making the satisfaction of […]

WINGS is supporting the Logi.c 22, logistics conference.

WINGS solution for logistics and industry 4.0: WINGSChariot platform.Our WINGSChariot team is supporting the Logi.c 22, logistics conference that will take place on June 24,25 in Marriott Athens. We will present WINGS solution for logistics and industry 4.0 applications, WINGSChariot, a platform suitable for end-to end logistics management, for optimizing warehouses and 5G-corridor operations that enhance the Smartification, Automation […]