About the project: Investigating the potentials of Experiment-based Validation of Control Channels for Cognitive Radio Systems (EVOLVE). WINGS joined the CREW consortium as an Open Call partner in order to proceed to certain experimentation activities. The aim of EVOLVE was to exploit various components and facilities of the overall CREW testbed in order to conduct realistic […]


  About the project: A group of 16 leading players in the field of telecommunications are joining forces to advance the development of a new air interface below 6 GHz for 5G networks. The “FANTASTIC-5G” (Flexible Air iNTerfAce for Scalable service delivery wiThin wIreless Communication networks of the 5th Generation) project focuses on boosting capacity, […]


 About the project:The exponential growth in mobile data traffic, anticipated to reach a 1000 fold increase over the next decade, together with the large diversity of applications ranging from low bit-rate and low power machine-to-machine (M2M) applications to highly interactive and high resolution entertainment applications, impose to significantly reconsider a number of distinct technical requirements […]


  About the project:  SPEED-5G investigates in two and a half years starting from summer 2015, indoor and outdoor scenarios where capacity demands are the highest, but also where the eDSA will be the most effective at exploiting co-operation across technologies and bands including licensed, lightly-licensed and un-licensed bands. Objective The objective of SPEED-5G (quality […]


  About the project: ONE5G commits to provide technical investigations and recommendations to evolve ‘5G’ towards ‘5G advanced’ as requested by the work program. Release 15 from 3GPP is about to set up a valuable initial specification for paving the way to reach the ultimate goals for 5G. However, we see major aspects not yet […]

Clear 5G

  About the project: α Reindustrialisation is a key objective for Europe. Introducing new technologies, such as collaborative robots, will make European industry more competitive, which will pave the way for industry becoming again the core of economic growth. The goal is not only to introduce robots (robots are already key elements in modern factories, […]


  About the project: The latest advancements in 5G technologies, architectures and facilities are reducing the gap towards the deployment of operational infrastructures, and the “eve” of commercial 5G services. Recently, many technologies for the 5G radio and core network have been developed, also with a substantial support of 5G PPP co-funded projects.  All these […]


  About the project: Connected and automated driving will offer solutions to our societal challenges but there remain significant technological and urgent organizational issues to be addressed: that is both fully connecting and automating vehicles. On one hand, the advantage of connecting vehicles is that vehicles gain the capability to communicate and learn from each […]

5G Carmen

  About the project: European mobility is drastically changing: growing urbanisation, environmental aspects and safety are only a few of the key indicators pointing in this direction. Road infrastructures and vehicles are blending with the digital world, becoming always-connected, automated and intelligent, delivering optimal experience to passengers, and addressing societal goals (e.g., emission and accident […]


About the project: 5G represents a paradigm shift from a horizontal service model to a vertical one where the services provided by the network are tailored to specific industry sectors and verticals. Most of the efforts conducted so far to evaluate 5G have focused on individual vertical use cases. 5G-TOURS aims to fill this gap by […]