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FED4FIRE+ ComfortApp received the 2nd award

We are happy to announce that our demo on "Comfort-APP" was the second winner of the Best Experiment Prize in the context of the Fed4Fire+ Engineering Conference 4 (FEC4) on October 9th, 2018 in

PhasmaFOOD: First project review

WINGS ICT Solutions showcasing the first prototype of the PhasmaFOOD system at the EU commission reviewers as part of the first formal project review.


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PhasmaFOOD: the first system prototype

Watch the first PhasmaFOOD System Prototype, posted under the following link: 


One5G: First project review

WINGS participated to the First Yearly Review of One5G. Our demo on "Management of critical (gas) infrastructures in rural/underserved areas, by means of mMTC, flexible/dynamic slicing, UAV