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Product Description

As the global population is rising, digital technologies should assist agriculture in covering the food demand, optimizing the production, minimizing risks through predictable yields, and in efficiently filling the gap in food disparities. In the same direction, food safety in a farm-to-fork context is a requirement. Similarly, other areas of the primary sector, like mines, call for tools for efficiency and safety. To this end, WINGS has developed AGNES, a suite of tools developed for covering production (poultry, livestock, crops and grains and others), logistics, food safety in factories.

– AGNES innovates through real time data from heterogeneous sensors (soil, meteorological) and AI-powered algorithms that enable the farmer to optimize the irrigation, in terms of water saving and optimal plant growth.
– AGNES is used for real time monitoring of farming conditions in livestock facilities.
– AGNES devices are used for real time inspection of food quality and safety conditions, while blockchain is introduced for maximizing the end-to-end trustworthiness of the overall system.

AGNES overview
The Device

At the device pillar there are means for: (a) collecting information on food safety, based on ultraviolet and infrared sensors, cameras, spectroscopy; (b) collecting soil quality information; (c) collecting plant status information; (d) other devices, relevant also to other areas (e.g., weather stations, solar radiation, air quality, etc.); (e) devices for sustainability in mines and for worker safety.

The AGNES food safety device. 

The Platform

WINGS leverages on advanced wireless networks (5G, B5G/6G, Nb-IoT, Cat-M, 4G and others), cloud/edge computing, big data, and, overall, further backend technologies. Regarding the big-data capabilities there is functionality for data ingestion, cleansing, imputation, detrending, storage. Regarding the exploitation of network and cloud infrastructures, there is functionality for (a) conducting orchestration and service provisioning, including functionality migration at various addressing edge / core /far-edge nodes (disaggregation), depending on diverse criteria (applications, energy, resource availability, security); (b) addressing slice aspects (issuing requests, conducting negotiations); (c) having diagnostics (i.e., performance analysis, recommendations for improvement, etc.) and metering related functionality.

AI-powered Capabilities

At the AI-powered application level there is functionality for optimizing food safety, agriculture, mines.

Regarding food safety there are analytics for addressing fraud, adulteration, spoilage cases, in areas like red meat / poultry, wheat / grains and associated products, beverages (wine, beer), olive oil; the mechanisms target the identification of hazards (e.g., mycotoxins) and/or the general analysis in terms of aspects like fat, moisture, proteins, other ingredients. Related to agriculture there are solutions for: (a) Enhanced monitoring and alert notification regarding the plants: Leaf volume, detection of pests, crop yield, water availability and hydric stress, nutrient imbalance, environmental impact. (b) Insights and predictions for effects on key ecosystem services. Impact on soil biodiversity, plant health, pollination potential, pest resistance, water quality, and GHG emissions. (c) Strategies for fertilization, nutrient and treatment doses calculation and smart dosage. Fertilizers and fertilizer schedule. (d) Pest management. Alerts on plant-parasitic diseases, optimal regimes and pest management schedule. (e) Strategies for organic farming conversion.

Related to mines there is functionality for optimizing the sustainability in mines and for worker safety.

Product Dashboard

Prospects and installations

AGNES is addressed to agriculture and mining companies. Moreover, it is addressed to entities involved in the farm-to-fork context. A nexus of cooperations has been set up in Greece, while there is footprint also in the US.

More specifically, AGNES components have been installed: 

– In a cotton field in the Larissa region, which is a particularly demanding area, facing problems with water scarcity. 

AGNES device installation in Larissa (1)

AGNES device installation in Larissa (2)

– In the region of Chalkida, for real-time monitoring the farming conditions of livestock (poultry). 

AGNES device installation in Chalkida (1)

AGNES device installation in Chalkida (2)

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