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Product Description

The International Transport and Logistics (T&L) sector plays a critical role in the world-wide economic activities and availability of products European Commission Investments would enhance the offering of multiple vertical sectors such as T&L, Industry 4.0 (I4.0), Smart/Livable cities, etc. and would effectuate EU’s sustainable transportation policy targeting a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 60% by 2050 (compared to 1990).

Greece has the prospects of becoming an international T&L center of world-wide importance, while I4.0 is identified as an opportunity not to be missed. The pandemic and its effects amplify the importance of these targets.

Based on the above, the I4.0 and T&L sectors need powerful, end-to-end and modular, cost efficient and easily integrated solutions that will cater to the needs of manufacturing sites, logistics hubs / warehouses, and of end-to-end transport. The requirements of a large network of stakeholders, and of transport authorities and of the EC will need to be satisfied.

WINGSChariot is the WINGS product that covers the requirements above and more. WINGSChariot enhances the automation and provides intelligence, to increase the efficiency and reduce costs in I4.0 sites, logistics warehouses and smart transportation. Moreover, WINGSChariot provides means for cleaner, secure/safe and trustworthy freight transportation over EU corridors, in an end-to-end, integrated fashion.

The following figure is an overview of WINGSChariot.

WINGSChariot overview
The Device

Primarily, within the warehouse there are AGVs that can enhance the automation and introduce intelligence in warehouses, in areas like the transportation: (a) of goods from the docking to the storage; (b) within the order management context; (c) from order management to shipping. Moreover, there are further devices, e.g., sensors, etc., for boosting the efficiency of the operations. Within the corridor there are means for enhancing the capabilities of vehicles, through OBUs and RSUs, in the direction of managing the transported freight and the vehicle, and for providing assistance to the driver.

The Platform

WINGS leverages on advanced wireless networks (5G, B5G/6G, Nb-IoT, Cat-M, 4G and others), cloud/edge computing, big data, and, overall, further backend technologies. Regarding the big-data capabilities there is functionality for data ingestion, cleansing, imputation, detrending, storage. Regarding the exploitation of network and cloud infrastructures, there is functionality for (a) conducting orchestration and service provisioning, including functionality migration at various addressing edge / core /far-edge nodes (disaggregation), depending on diverse criteria (applications, energy, resource availability, security); (b) addressing slice aspects (issuing requests, conducting negotiations); (c) having diagnostics (i.e., performance analysis, recommendations for improvement, etc.) and metering related functionality.

AI-powered Capabilities

There are applications for warehouses and for corridors :

Regarding warehouse aspects, there is functionality for AGV-powered operations, storage optimization, optimized order management. The cloud/edge-based platform integrates intelligence from remote, distributed heterogeneous sensors, cameras and smartphones and instantiates the “smartification of warehouses” by enabling autonomous AGV powered freight/pallet transfers, human-AGV collaborative task completion and storage optimization decision support, based on historical, real-time and seasonal data. Furthermore, the integration of additional functionalities such as order picking optimization and support, warehouse area geofencing & restricted access control, and end-to-end cargo tracking and shipping route optimization are ongoing.

Regarding corridors, the WINGSChariot platform provides on-the-road support for safe, sustainable and cost-efficient mobility of cargo and of the people involved. Through the integration of multiple end-devices (OBU, RSUs) and smartphones, the cloud/edge-based platform aggregates real-time heterogeneous information and produces intelligence regarding the status of the vehicles the cargo and the driver. This intelligence is used to accomplish a multitude of functionalities such as the remoting monitoring and control of the cargo environment (e.g., temperature, humidity, luminosity), Vulnerable Road User (VRU) protection, driver assistance and route optimization, support system for green-driving and even risk assessment of incoming vehicles (for public authorities). Besides it’s cutting-edge functionalities the WINGSChariot platform, is also capable of operating in diverse, multi-stakeholder environments (e.g. multiple edge server deployment, multiple networks, etc.) supporting service level continuity, operation over different slices and operation in multi-modal scenarios, enabling the transfer of cargo with different means of transportation.

Product Dashboard
Prospects and Installations

The following figures depict information from various ongoing deployments and experiments of WINGSChariot technologies. The figure on the left is a snapshot of a warehouse in which WINGSChariot technologies will be deployed. 5G, AGV and AI-powered applications will be key components of the solution. The figure on the right is a picture from on-the-field experiments, conducted in corridors and in cross border context (even in the Greece-Turkey border), to validate the OBU and AI-powered applications.

WINGSChariot is addressed to logistics companies, or to companies having logistics departments. These can be entities from the industrial, construction, telecommunications sectors, as well as others.

(a) Warehouse snapshot, in which 5G and AGV technologies transform the operations

(b) Experiments in corridors contexts

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