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Product Description

Air quality is one of the most important hazards that needs to be addressed. It is recognized as the cause of many deceases. Many countries have issues, and Greece is currently one of them. Therefore, products for monitoring, predicting, and triggering mitigation actions are needed. These should be done with high precision in terms of space and time, for triggering local / temporal / personalized actions. The following figure presents an overview of the way AIRWINGS works and its capabilities.

The Device

The outdoor device can sense the following parameters: (a) Gases: O3, CO, SO₂, NO, NO2; (b) Particulates: PM1, PM2.5, PM10; (c) Other: Noise, Pressure, Temperature, Humidity. There can be extensions to measure weather aspects: wind, precipitation, solar radiation. Moreover, there can be integration of cameras, thermal and not. An AIRWINGS device can accurately reflect the air quality situation in a radius of 1 Km.

AI-powered Capabilities

At the pillar of the AI-powered applications, there is functionality for parameter value predictions, value correlations, and for the computation of standard (AQI – Air Quality Index) and of proprietary metrics. Based on these a set of alerts can be generated, and corresponding actions can be triggered, for protecting the citizens’ health. The product can be extended for contributing to civil protection, in the event of wildfires, droughts, floods


Product Dashboard
Prospects and Installations

AIRWINGS is addressed to municipalities or to 3rd party companies, which can resell or incorporate in their offerings. Regarding municipalities, AIRWINGS can yield information in sensitive areas like schools, squares, industrial parks, construction sites, ports and airports and others. A nexus of 15 devices has been installed in various areas in Attika. The following figures depict an installation of AIRWINGS. The installation is at the municipality of Argiroupoli-Elliniko (Attika region) and the structure of the extended device that triggers the platform with information on weather and solar radiation (there are software extensions for the fire case; there can be extensions in hardware and software for flood management).

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