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AIRWINGS is a comprehensive solution for the live monitoring, measurement, and management of air quality and wildfire detection in cities and municipalities. Leveraging innovative AI and IoT technologies, our solution is deployed in urban areas to safeguard citizen health and mitigate environmental risks.

AIRWINGS enables you to: Monitor air quality in cities, ports, schools, industrial parks, construction sites, airports & more Measure both indoor and outdoor air quality Track real-time ambient parameters that can threaten public health View common Air Quality Index (AQI) Get early warnings, alerts, and assessment for wildfires (AIRWINGSplus extension)

Product Description

The AIRWINGS solution offers an integrated system of advanced hardware and software technologies for the continuous monitoring of air quality in urban environments.

The Device

AIRWINGS devices can sense the following parameters: (a) Gases: O3, CO, CO₂, SO₂, NO, NO2; (b) Particulates: PM1, PM2.5, PM10; (c) Other: Noise, Pressure, Temperature, Humidity. Additional extensions can be provided to measure other weather aspects such as wind, precipitation, and solar radiation. An AIRWINGS device can accurately reflect the air quality situation in a radius of at least 1 Km.

For wildfire prevention and early detection needs, the solution is augmented with thermal and/or optical cameras for live surveillance.

High-level illustration of the AIRWINGSplus for early detection of air quality levels and of wildfires.
AI-powered Capabilities

Our AI-powered software platform can predict parameter values, calculate standard (AQI – Air Quality Index) and proprietary metrics, detect early hazardous conditions and alert authorities to take action. The solution can be extended to include the monitoring / alerting of wildfires, droughts, and floods.


Product Dashboard

AIRWINGS is an ideal solution for municipalities looking to monitor and improve air quality or 3rd party companies interested in reselling or incorporating our solution into their offering.

Installation Examples

AIRWINGS installation at Aarhus in Denmark. It enables the live monitoring of: O3, CO, SO₂, NO, NO2, CO2, PM1, PM2.5, PM10, noise pollution, solar radiation, temperature, air humidity, barometric pressure, rainfall, wind speed and direction.
A nexus of 15 AIRWINGS devices has been installed in various areas in the Attika region in Greece. The above images depict a specific installation of AIRWINGS at the municipality of Elliniko and the structure of the extended device that triggers the platform with information on weather and solar radiation.
AIRWINGSplus autonomous fire detection through AI and video analytics is deployed in Central Greece. Cameras are used to monitor distinct areas. Detection of smoke alerts the operator to investigate the issue and prompts the person to report the incident in case of fire.

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