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Published on 24/02/2022

5G-TOURS leverages 5G technology to devise novel solutions for transportation-related applications. The Smart parking management use case relies on the mMTC and eMBB functionalities provided by 5G.

5G-enabled sensors installed at each individual parking position help keeping track of available spots in real time, facilitating the parking process within an airport as well as in any other controlled parking area. As a result, the traveling efficiency of tourists is enabled through targeted parking spot suggestions, thus enabling fast transition of travelers and visitors to the airport and the terminals.

WINGSPARK through its intelligent algorithms aims to reduce Unnecessary driving, Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. WINGSPARK aims to provide real-time monitoring of empty parking spaces as well as the proactive management and maintenance of the parking facility.

Furthermore, through the provision of useful insights for parking spaces occupancy and trends, WINGSPARK achieves the optimisation of the parking facility usage.

In addition, the drivers experience is enhanced by viewing free parking spots in real-time and optimally navigating to and within the parking facility, as well as view the occupancy trends based on predictive analytics in order to better schedule their visit See related video: 5G-TOURS: UC10 – Smart airport parking management.WINGSPARK solution at Athens International airport – YouTube

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