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Published on 25/08/2020

OCTOBER 8, 2021

An introduction on “End-to-end healthcare and wellness solutions by means of 5G and beyond” will be revealed by our Solution Architect Amalia Ntemou in the “Webinar on 5G for Health and Wellbeing” on 27th October 2021 CEST. Networld Europe jointly with China Communications Standards Association (CCSA), organized a “Webinar on 5G for Health and Wellbeing”, aiming to provide deeper understanding on the present and future needs and requirements of the Health and Wellbeing sectors, sharing the valuable experiences and practices of Europe and China. One of the things we do is to participate in projects of 5G-PPP Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3, and other Horizon projects, as an expert in designing and developing healthcare products powered by innovative digital technologies. WINGS will introduce the modular product suite titled STARLIT (Solutions for digital health and wellness based on artificial intelligence and IoT), designed and developed to provide support for wellness and digital health issues. STARLIT platform is based on AI, IoT, mobile and wireless technologies (4G, Nb-IoT, 5G, Wi-Fi), visualization and security, including dashboards, mobile applications, and AR/VR[1] applications in some cases. WINGS will be a valuable representative from Europe, proud to share its experiences on 5G and Health and Wellbeing applications realizing the webinar’s vision. For registrations, please use the online registration form: https://lnkd.in/e-EDKnT2, by Monday 25th of October 2021.WINGS also develops digital solutions for air quality (AIRWINGS), utilities (ARTEMIS), transportation infrastructures (WINGSPARK), aquaculture (AQUAWINGS), food safety / agriculture / (AGNES), and industry 4.0 / logistics (WINGSChariot).

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