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Published on 28/11/2023

WINGS ICT Solutions had a successful presence both with a speech and a booth during the ongoing 13th Digital Healthcare Conference!

Product Manager-Health at WINGS, Mr. Nikos Kastrinios, delivered a speech shedding light on STARLIT, an End-to-End Solution designed for Digital Health and Wellness. The STARLIT solution offers: 

● Real-time vital signs monitoring and predictions for individuals and groups of patients 
– Analysis of main vital signs for the detection and prediction of anomalies 
– Fall detection 
– Geofencing tracking and tracing 
● Notifications to healthcare professionals, caregivers, patients and/or their relatives 
– about vital signs outside of normal/predefined limits (e.g., increased blood pressure) 
– in case of fall detection 
– in case of moving away from the place of residence/care 
● Effective and more accessible healthcare system 

The 13th Digital Healthcare Conference is taking place today, November 28th, and tomorrow, November 29th, 2023, at the Divani Caravel Hotel. This event is a collective effort comprising the e-Government Forum, Digital Healthcare, and DPO & ICT Security World Conferences. Key areas of focus include Public Administration, Health and Social Care, Digital Security, and Personal Data Protection.

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