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Published on 20/06/2022

WINGS solution for logistics and industry 4.0: WINGSChariot platform.
Our WINGSChariot team is supporting the Logi.c 22, logistics conference that will take place on June 24,25 in Marriott Athens. We will present WINGS solution for logistics and industry 4.0 applications, WINGSChariot, a platform suitable for end-to end logistics management, for optimizing warehouses and 5G-corridor operations that enhance the Smartification, Automation and Real-time Visibility of operations and workflows in the Logistics sector. Through the development and implementation of specific modular functions based on advanced Data Processing (Machine Learning, Big Data), Remote operations and control (Robotics, AGVs), Augmented Reality (AR) and networking technologies (4G, 5G, IoT), Wings Chariot targets the cost-efficient, intelligent management of Green and Sustainable Logistics. WINGS also develops digital solutions for the environment (AIRWINGS), utilities (ARTEMIS), transportation infrastructures (WINGSPARK), aquaculture (AQUAWINGS), food safety / agriculture / (AGNES) and health and wellness (STARLIT).

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