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Published on 05/06/2024

WINGSPARKplus, our solution towards the management of transport infrastructure transforms vehicles into environmental sensors and realises optimisations that boost sustainability,  multimodal network/traffic management, improved decision-making process and inefficiencies reduction.

The WINGS work in the DELPHI  project focuses on the demonstration activities’ technical targets. The project aims to provide a federated network of platforms for passenger and freight intermodality. WINGS is the technical manager of the project and the Athens UC technical leader, prioritising the design of the DELPHI reference architecture.

Last week, on May 22-23 there was the 2nd General Assembly meeting in Mykonos Island where fruitful discussions around the legacy systems, modules and components of the four DELPHI Use Cases (Madrid, Athens, Mykonos, Cluj-Napoca) took place.

At WINGS, we are dedicated to pushing forward our technological innovation and products in the areas of mobility and transport towards smarter, more efficient, and sustainable transportation solutions.

 Stay tuned for more updates!

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